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Egg Sandwiches

12:00 AM to 11:59 PM

Bacon & Cheddar Egg Sandwich

If you're going to go old school, do it up right with our Bacon and Cheddar Classic Breakfast Sandwich. A cage-free egg is topped with thick-sliced, applewood-smoked bacon that's nitrite- and nitrate-free, then finished with melted-to-perfection cheddar cheese. On a plain bagel.

$6.59 - $7.47
Turkey-Sausage & Cheddar Egg Sandwich

Gobble gobble down our Turkey-Sausage & Cheddar Classic Breakfast Sandwich for a scrumptious meal that satisfies and boosts your day. Savory turkey sausage gets an elegant upgrade with a slice cheddar cheese for melted perfection

$6.48 - $7.36
Ham & Swiss Egg Sandwich

If you're looking for the ideal savory combination to crown your bagel of choice, look no further than our Ham & Swiss Classic Breakfast Sandwich! This protein-packed meal has it all - a cage-free egg, stick-to-your-ribs sliced ham and melted Swiss cheese. On a plain bagel.

$6.48 - $7.36
Cheddar Cheese Egg Sandwich

It doesn't get any more classic than this, with only the best - a cage-free egg cooked to perfection and embellished with hits-your-taste buds-just right melted cheddar cheese. On a plain bagel

$6.09 - $6.97
Farmhouse Egg Sandwich

Grab your pitchfork and dig in to this inspired-by-the farm breakfast combo. Our Farmhouse Signature Breakfast Sandwich starts with cage-free eggs, thick-cut bacon, smoked ham and cheddar cheese, then gets a back-to-the-farm finish with country pepper shmear on a Cheesy Hash Brown Gourmet Bagel

Garden Avocado Egg Sandwich

Avocado, tomato, fresh spinach, fried egg patty, and roasted tomato spread on an Everything Bagel.

Santa Fe Egg Sandwich

Spice up your breakfast with a healthy twist with our Santa Fe Egg White Breakfast Sandwich. Our Asiago Cheese Bagel is topped with turkey sausage, fresh egg whites, spicy pepper jack cheese, and our Jalapeño Salsa Reduced Fat Shmear. It's the kick you need in the morning

Big Breakfast Burrito

Fried egg patties, bacon, turkey sausage, asiago cheese, green chiles, hash browns, salsa, and plain shmear wrapped in a flour tortilla.

All-Nighter Egg Sandwich

Double fried egg patties, double cheese, double bacon, jalapeno aioli sauce on a gourmet hash brown bagel.

Avocado Toast

On a toasted plain bagel

Bacon, Avocado & Tomato Egg Sandwich

Looking for a mini splurge? Our chef-created bagel sandwich delivers incredible bacon-and-avo flavor, but with the lightness of fluffy egg whites. Your favorite bagel plus perfectly prepared egg whites get all dressed up with sliced tomato, fresh avocado, and sassy and savory roasted tomato spread

Hot & Toasty

12:00 AM to 11:59 PM

Albuquerque Turkey Sandwich

On toasted 6 Cheese Gourmet Bagel

Spicy Chicken Sandwich

On toasted Ciabatta

Cheesy Veggie Melt

On toasted Ciabatta

Classic Lunch Sandwiches

12:00 AM to 11:59 PM

Turkey, Bacon & Avocado

Don't go cold turkey at lunch! Satisfy your hunger with our Turkey, Bacon & Avocado Signature Sandwich. Lean roasted turkey is dressed up with thick-cut bacon, creamy avocado, lettuce, tomato, and our unique roasted tomato spread, all on Toasted Ciabatta

Tasty Turkey

Looking for a light lunch that still leaves you feeling happy? We've gussied up roasted turkey with all the fixins - spinach, cucumber, lettuce, tomato and onion and chive shmear - and served it on an Asiago Bagel for a bit of cheesy goodness

Nova Lox

Top a plain bagel with a bit of shmear, some crunchy red onion, a few savory capers, slices of bright, fresh tomato and our mild, luscious and cold-smoked Nova Lox salmon

Avocado Veg Out

On a sesame bagel

Deli Select

12:00 AM to 11:59 PM

Deli Turkey & Cheddar Sandwich

On your choice of Bagel, Toasted Ciabatta or Flour Tortilla

Deli Ham & Swiss Sandwich

On your choice of Bagel, Toasted Ciabatta or Flour Tortilla

Pizza Bagels

12:00 AM to 11:59 PM